Web Browser Compatibility

This website has been designed to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. All web pages have been written to the HTML5 standard, using CSS Style Sheets for the presentation which means this site should be usable on all web browsers that support those standards.

Some older browsers do not fully support these standards. People still using these browsers will still be able to navigate the site, however, the content will be displayed with a basic layout and the experience will not be as intended.
WAI Standards compliance

The site template has been designed to meet the minimum level of compliance with the WAI Accessibility Guidelines and wherever possible, pages within the template will meet this standard.
Access Keys

Most web browsers support shortcuts called access keys that you can use to jump to specific areas of the site. If your browser supports them, press ALT + key (Windows) or CTRL + key (Macintosh) and then (in the case of links) Enter to use. In addition:

  • Acronym tags to provide meaningful explanation of common abbreviations
  • ALT Text – Meaningful alternative text for images for non-visual browsers
  • Breadcrumb trail to provide a visual cue to visitors to where they are within the site
  • CSS – complete separation of style from content
  • Device independent design providing open access to content on all platforms and devices
  • Fluid page layout to allow access to content regardless of visitor’s screen resolution
  • Meaningful Title tags to provide search engines and visitors with a cue to where the are within the site
  • Print style sheet to provide print-friendly version of pages, without duplicating site content
  • Semantic HTML5 to correctly structure HTML documents, with meaningful content hierarchy
  • Skip navigation link to allow non-visual browsers to skip navigation links
  • Title attributes to provide helpful hints/tool tips

General Accessibility Enquiries

If you have any enquires regarding physical accessibility to our premises, please contact us.